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Self-Study is an ambitious new primary curriculum that addresses the social and emotional development of all children.

The lessons are meticulously researched and tightly spiralled so that the children’s knowledge is retained and developed from year to year.

As the children get older the lessons develop from a knowledge-focus in Year 2 and Year 3 (How to be a good friend) to emotional reasoning and reflection in the older year groups. This careful building of emotional understanding means that by Year 6 the children have the maturity and confidence to tackle challenging concepts including ‘thought re-framing’ and ‘setting relationship boundaries’. 

The programme, centred on the realities of teaching in a busy and lively school. ensures consistency across the entire teaching environment, with key vocabulary and concepts explored in lessons. This means the whole school community (mid-day supervisors, parents etc.) has a shared language leading to more opportunities for children to discuss and apply the social and emotional skills discussed in class. 

With an emphasis on application and real life scenarios, this curriculum will be the driving force for any school wanting to give their students the best chance of a positive future in today’s world.

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“The new curriculum has transformed our PSHE offer. All aspects of emotional health and wellbeing are covered in detail, as is citizenship and preparation for life in the wider world. The pre-planned curriculum can easily be followed by class teachers, and because the curriculum is tightly spiralled, the PSHE Lead can monitor delivery and pupil progress across the year groups with ease.”

Tim Killick

Assistant Head For Inclusion, Essendine Primary School.

“The lessons engage our Year 2 children with topics that help them regulate their emotions and actions. The lesson resources are well structured and visually engaging, and the suggested activities interactive, accessible and fun, allowing all children to embody and explore the topics presented. We’ve noticed the vocabulary introduced during lessons has really stuck with children, who use the terms to explain their reactions to situations happening in the playground, at home or in other lessons. The lessons give children a greater awareness of their emotional world, and arm them with a range of tools and greater choices for responding to the ups and downs of life.” 

Sarah Archer

Trainee Teacher, London.

“I believe that this is a ground-breaking, innovative curriculum. It is the first I have seen that addresses emotional development from an early age and skilfully builds on this knowledge through the primary years. The lessons are practical and relatable for children facilitating a whole school approach and vocabulary, for the whole school community, to supporting children’s personal, emotional and social development. This has been evident in the understanding and language children have been using to name and describe feelings, resolve conflicts and discuss these in a meaningful way with adults in the school.”

Aaron Sumner

Head Teacher, Hallfield Primary School.

“In the 25 years that I have worked with children these are the most innovative and effective lessons I have seen. It doesn’t matter what you are doing in school, you can refer to the skills in this programme. I use these skills in PE, in maths, in the playground. There is no aspect of school life where this is not a valuable tool.”

Brian Ellington

Former Youth Team Leader, and HLTA in Westminster.

“The lessons create a community within the class and when children ‘lose control’ or are unable to manage their emotions, Self-Study provides a platform for reflection and discussion. I began teaching Self Study at a school in West London and now teach it in East London. Both schools have very different children but Self-Study has been highly effective in both. The lessons are relevant to all of us. I believe it would be a success in any primary school- in any country- in the world.”

Luke Masterson

Year 3 Teacher, William Paten School.


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